Buy A Job

What’s that you might well ask? I can buy a job??work_sign

Sure you can. People often buy their jobs, it might just not seem that that is really what they are doing. Any time people buy a franchise, they are really just buying themselves a J.O.B. If you, for example, buy one of the many Coffee Shop franchises, you are buying a packaged business that runs, with your management skills, selling whatever the products and services they are selling. Its a known quantity and has a known brand value and can be set up similar to and according to other historical situations.

Buy you are really just buying a job. You buy the right to sell their branded products and services, for which you will pay a royalty. There are lots of pluses and a few minuses that go along with this type of arrangement, but the single most important thing to realize is that your success is tied to your performance and ability to run the business within a fairly strict set of operational guidelines. In many ways you are really just an employee working in a type of cubicle with a set time schedule and duties to perform. You rely on others to do the actual “work”, but that work is really just an extension of yourself working according to some brands expectations.


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